In the current ever changing economic environment, training is a key way of ensuring that your company and employees stay competitive. The return on investment in developing employees is invaluable and the benefits can be seen in improved performance, morale and innovation.

Society7 believes in empowering people with the skills needed to be successful in a competitive business environment.

The team at Society7 enables companies to invest in their most valuable assets – their people.

• What constitutes a relevant & engaging brand
• Understanding your marketing environment
• Developing your target market
• Competitor review
• Engaging with your audience
• Understanding your position
• Communicating effectively

• Your digital Eco-System
• Positioning your brand in the digital world
• Taking your strategy online
• Your online reputation
• The legal side

• Understanding the media
• Making actions press-worthy
• Writing press releases
• Pitching to the press
• Interview basics
• Reputation management